Alpiq and Groupe E merge their charging networks for electric cars

Alpiq and Groupe E, together with their partners, will merge their charging networks for electric cars

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Access to more than 300 charging stations in Switzerland / © Alpiq Holding AG

This will offer customers access to more than 300 charging stations in Switzerland. The joint network, which will continue to be operated under the name MOVE, will be Switzerland’s largest public charging network.

Switzerland’s largest public charging network for e-vehicles will be created at the beginning of 2017. The two energy companies Groupe E and Alpiq are merging their networks. In concrete terms, this means: the MOVE charging station network, which incorporates Groupe E, BKW, CKW, IWB, EBM, Renault, Romande Energie, SIG, SOCAR and 20 other partners, is merging with Alpiq’s easy4you charging network. Alpiq’s charging network has numerous partner companies, including ewb, sgsw, ebl, EWD IBC, Flims Electric, energie Thun, WB Steckborn and the Grand Tour of Switzerland Association. The merger will create a network with more than 300 electric vehicle charging stations. The joint network will continue to operate under the name MOVE.

Benefits for customers and partners

A smartphone app quickly and simply guides the driver of an e-car to the closest unoccupied charging station. As before, drivers can charge their vehicles using their current access card, which will be valid for the entire network. The merger offers a decisive advantage for the payment processing: The customer can choose to pay using a prepaid system or on the basis of a subscription. Customers can select the solution that suits them best. Moreover, the users have access to a 24/7 customer and roadside assistance service.

For the partners of MOVE and easy4you, who supply their electricity customers with charging electricity via the merged network, the merger offers other benefits: There will be an increased number of charging station locations, and these can be found more easily thanks to the smartphone app. This ensures optimal utilisation of the charging stations.

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