Award for Special Design

The RadiPac centrifugal fans from ebm-papst have received a "Special Mention" in the "Energy" category at the 2017 German Design Awards

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On behalf of the Development team, Hartmut Messerschmidt accepted the award certificate / © ebm-papst Mulfingen GmbH & Co. KG

Faithful to the founding principle
On behalf of the Development team, Hartmut Messerschmidt, Head of the Applications Development Department at ebm-papst, accepted the award certificate. “"We are particularly pleased about this award since we received it for a product that we developed further based on our GreenTech philosophy – in complete alignment with the principle of our company founder, Gerhard Sturm. He said that each of our new developments must exceed its predecessor in the areas of ecology and cost efficiency." The independent jury of experts composed of representatives from industry, academia and design confirmed this assessment. The jury’s decision stated: "As a result of revising key components and details, the product achieved palpable improvements related to efficiency, performance and weight."

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Our RadiPac impressed the jury with its improvements in efficiency, noise emission and weight / © ebm-papst Mulfingen GmbH & Co. KG

Optimization in many areas
ebm-papst extensively revised the centrifugal fans in the RadiPac product range designed especially for use in air conditioning and ambient air devices. The frame for the motor and impeller now has a tubular construction with only two brackets. This reduced its weight, increased stability and improved the design. And the fans’ aerodynamics were also optimized. For example, at the air intake in the impeller, the location of the external rotor motor in the impeller was adjusted and the impeller blade profile improved. The new aluminum airfoil blades ensure higher efficiency and at the same time, reduce the weight. The optimization results are extremely gratifying: In total, revising and optimizing the RadiPac fans led to an increase in efficiency of over eight percentage points. At the same time, noise emission was reduced by over 3 dB(A). The new centrifugal fans operate very quietly.

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