Ionomr Innovations Inc.

Canadian Materials Startup Ionomr Innovations has made a breakthrough in advanced materials for water treatment, energy storage and hydrogen

Vancouver, BC - Ionomr Innovations hitting the market with its new chemically resistant anion exchange membrane material - Aemion™- for electrodialysis, reverse osmosis, batteries and hydrogen. With massive improvements in chemical resistance, this could lead to the lifetime improvements needed to accelerate growth of desalination, energy storage and energy generation technologies on the mass scale.

“Chemicals in treatment systems are often very abrasive and those in batteries and electrolyzers are even worse. After 5 years of development, we have shown that we were the best in the world at making anion-exchange membranes and since then we’ve improved the alkaline stability of the membrane about 1,000 times”. - Dr. Timothy Peckham, Chief Technology Officer - Ionomr

The dominant technologies for seawater desalination and electrode separators in energy utilize materials that were developed in the 50s and only incremental modifications to these core technologies are being undertaken.  Ionomr has taken a completely different approach to provide fundamental improvements that enable outstanding chemical resistance and lifetime gains.

 “Without radical change, we won’t see radical results,” says Benjamin Britton, CEO “by focusing on major degradation pathways and eliminating them, we’ve solved the problems at their roots. This has allowed us to create a product from the ground up using commercially available precursors yet tailored properties for electrochemical applications.”

Rather than betting on single technologies, Ionomr is advancing membrane technologies as a whole across the clean tech sector including water treatment, energy storage, and energy generation. Recently Ionomr was the only ion exchange membrane company in attendance at the massively successful Battery Show and Electric Vehicle Expo in Novi, MI and continues to develop partnerships with big players across the industry.

2016, Within the past year Ionomr incorporated and completed an oversubscribed seed round, closing with over 200% of target funding including notable Silicon Valley investor Barney Pell and Vancouver local “serial angel” Christopher Bissonnette.


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