Converting the company fleet to e-mobility

GP JOULE confronts the Achilles heel of electromobility head on: building a connected charging infrastructure



GP JOULE confronts the Achilles heel of electromobility head on: building a connected charging infrastructure. The internationally active company offers customised e-mobility and energy concepts for commercial enterprises, companies and local communities.

Converting a company’s fleet of cars to electric operation represents an important step towards creating a real energy turnaround in the mobility sector. This sector contributes nearly a fourth of the entire CO2 emissions in Germany.

With CONNECT, GP JOULE aims at making the conversion to electromobility easier for commercial enterprises, local communities and companies by supporting them with needs-oriented and customised e-mobility concepts. The North Frisian company takes on the planning and financing for building the charging infrastructure, user administration, physical load capacity management and establishing your own green energy product. And this is all available from one source.

The basis of all considerations is the fact that it is the connection to the grid which determines charging capacity. Expanding the capacity from the grid connection, however, is complex in all respects. So the goal must be to utilise the existing capacities in an intelligent way. What this looks like in real life is demonstrated by the e-fleet at the company’s headquarters in Reußenköge.

Here the fleet of around 25 e-cars has been integrated into a dynamic load management system. Consumers (in this case corn drying, an electrolyser and a bio-gas plant) as well as generators (solar and bio-gas plants) are linked up before the actual connection point to the grid and supplement the amount of electricity available from the grid (see fig.).

The system also exploits the high level of flexibility of the fleet vehicles which can be boosted or down-regulated quickly depending on their individual charge status. In addition, the charge available for allocation to each car can be regulated with extreme precision.

CONNECT is thus offering an easy start, especially for companies to become pioneers of climate-friendly mobility.

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