RRC power solutions GmbH

Energy Storage Systems from RRC power solutions

RRC power solutions has over 25 years experience in the development of smart batteries, charging and energy storage systems.

The product range extends from residential to utility-scale energy storage solutions with capacities of several MWh for applications in the industrial, commercial, energy- and private sector.

Besides our technology, what makes RRC the customer’s first choice, is our expertise and experience in the analysis of production and consumption data, system requirements as well as analysis to improve energy efficiency.

The design and dimensioning of the energy storage systems, the operation management as well as the scheduling by RRC is based on this analysis, optimizing customer earnings by efficient use of the storage system.

The investment in an energy storage system is not only based on a business case of the expected earnings and also takes into account a high availability and durability of the overall system. For this purpose, RRC power solutions offers individual service and maintenance concepts in an “all-round carefree package”. As a result, RRC is your best partner for offering complete services along the entire value chain, even after the purchase.

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