Greensmith Energy software selected by Oncor

Software provider for Oncor's micro-grid facility in Dallas

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Greensmith Energy (Herndon, VA, U.S.), a provider of energy storage software and turnkey solutions, announced that Oncor Electric Delivery (Dallas, TX, U.S.) has selected Greensmith as the software provider for its micro-grid facility in Dallas.

Oncor’s advanced micro-grid consists of: a carport PV array, ground mount PV array, micro-turbine, diesel generators, gas reciprocating generator and battery storage unit.

The software upgrade and installation is considered a milestone for the industry and demonstrates the value of leveraging Greensmith’s software platform – GEMS, the company notes.

The Oncor micro-grid showcases how micro-grids can perform grid-tied and off-grid in order to provide continuous, reliable power – this is especially important in regions with severe storms and unpredictable weather conditions.

Greensmith’s software integrates all of Oncor’s micro-grid assets and seamlessly orchestrates performance of a variety of complex grid applications supporting power quality and energy availability.

As energy storage systems are fully networked into a variety of distributed energy resources, including solar and other forms of local generation such as diesel, GEMS becomes the backbone of an intelligent distributed energy resource management system (DERMS).

Linked together, storage and distributed energy resources can address both supply and demand needs, as well as, supply select grid services.

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