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Modular Automation Solutions for Battery Storage Units

Battery storage units are the energy system’s special forces units: they can be called up extremely quickly, in use also decentralised in the most remote areas, and your personal information and data are strictly protected. “These requirements are only good enough for controllers and monitoring systems if they consistently have a modular structure and integrated directly into the automation system”, says Michael Backhaus, head of the renewable energy division at Bachmann electronic.

Compatible with every bus system

The most important topic in direct discussions with both existing and prospective customers is communication. Every user or system architect wants to remain flexible when they now or later integrate outside devices in the overall system. This is why the Bachmann M1 system has important features such as open bus systems like Modbus, CAN or Profinet for communication between different energy generators or consumers, and also IEC60870, IEC 61850 or dnp3 for communication with the control centre. “We have the advantage that the user can freely select all the protocols, also subsequently, without altering the operations management itself”, adds Michael Backhaus.

Integrated IT security concept

IT security has been an integral part of automation at Bachmann for more than ten years. This is why security features like data encryption and access rights management is already integrated into the hardware, into the M1 control module itself. “Because the threat situation is becoming increasingly more complex, we have developed a multistage IT security concept. The entire Bachmann CPU product range is already supplied with all security functions included. This means that every user has a ready-to-use security package right from the start”, explains Michael Backhaus.

Modular hard and software

The battery storage and hybrid power plant product spectrum ranges from classic, configurable digital and analogue I/O to integrated and certified grid measurement and monitoring. Every single control module is subjected to a 48-hour run-in test to guarantee long-term availability of the energy facility. The software turns the M1 automation solutions into a multitasking system: programmable in IEC 61131, C/C++ and Matlab Simulink in parallel on the control processor.

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