Plugfest of the EEBUS initiative

New SMA energy management platform Ennexos successfully tested at the EEBUS initiative E-Mobility plugfest

© SMA Solar Technology AG

© SMA Solar Technology AG

To coordinate the environmentally friendly and cost-saving aspects of energy consumption with each other, all electrical devices in modern energy networks must speak the same language. The foundation for this is formed by the pan-manufacturer EEBUS initiative. This has been set up by leading European manufacturers from the fields of smart home, domestic technology, e-mobility and energy to develop a common energy language, using the EEBUS standard. The new energy management platform ennexOS from SMA Solar Technology AG (SMA) has already mastered the EEBUS standard. This platform will combine all of a system’s energy generators, consumers and storage systems and allow them to be controlled optimally. Proof that this also has application in the e-mobility sector was provided by the new platform ennexOS at the first e-mobility Plugfest of the EEBUS initiative in Cologne.

Representatives from SMA; the VDE Association for Electrical Electronic and Information Technologies; the VDA Automobile Industry Association; the manufacturer for heating and cooling systems Viessmann; and the provider of electrical and smart-home solutions Hager, met at the first e-mobility Plugfest for live tests of the uniform device communication. “The uniform EEBUS standard makes a decisive contribution to using energy efficiently and thus saving costs,” said Frank Blessing, Senior Business Development Manager Energy Services at SMA and, since May, a new member on the Managing Board of the EEBUS initiative.

“This was proven in tests conducted at the e-mobility Plugfest and at HVAC Plugfest in May in Munich, where the entire communication between heating, smart home systems and energy managers was put to the acid test in the presence of representatives from the heating industry, such as Vaillant. With the Sunny Home Manager 2.0 and the SMA Data Manager M, SMA proves that solutions for connecting the electricity, heat and transport sectors are already on the market. The standardized integration of electric vehicles into energy management is a major success in the promotion and acceptance of e-mobility and a decisive step towards an all-electric society.”

Successful tests to ensure grid stability and optimize self-consumption

Promoting electric vehicles and the necessary integration into existing grid infrastructures has led to major challenges in terms of safeguarding grid stability. Today’s grid and domestic grid structures are not, for example, designed to simultaneously charge a large number of electric vehicles without intelligent coordination. It is precisely this intelligent coordination that SMA energy management takes over. It also offers the end customer true added value. Locally generated solar power is used as efficiently as possible, taking the electric vehicle and other loads into consideration, without sacrificing convenience for the end customer.

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