Premiere: GridSense-enabled PV battery systems

neeoBASIX allows for intelligent, efficient electricity management in the home

At this year’s Energy Storage Europe fair in Düsseldorf (March 14 to 16, 2017), AKASOL will be presenting the prototype of its new GridSense-enabled PV storage system, neeoBASIX, for the very first time. As an expert in stationary lithium-ion energy storage systems, the Ravensburg-based company has fitted its intelligent, highly scalable PV battery system with the GridSense home energy management system, which was developed by the Alpiq InTec Group in Zurich, Switzerland. Available in just a few months in two performance classes (6.5/13 kWh), the energy storage systems are designed to detect all PV systems and relevant power consumers in the household and optimize energy flows in a fully automated manner. “neeoBASIX combined with GridSense offers a range of benefits to owners of PV systems, as it means they will primarily consume electricity that they produce themselves. Any excess electricity is supplied to the grid, thus promoting grid-friendly behavior. This massively reduces energy costs and cuts the payback period by a significant margin,” states Markus Michelberger, Head of Stationary Battery Systems at AKASOL.

The prototype of neeoBASIX combined with GridSense that will be presented at the fair is ideal for photovoltaic (PV) systems in private households and smaller businesses with an output power of up to 10 kWp. The GridSense-enabled energy management system facilitates the management of all power producer and consumers in the home that are fitted with this technology – PV systems, heat pumps, boilers, home batteries, charging stations for electric cars, etc. – and enables energy loads to be optimized across all devices and units. Various parameters such as grid load and power consumption and production can be continuously measured based on an in-house-developed algorithm. Weather forecasts and electricity tariffs can also be included in the calculations. In addition, the intelligent algorithm is designed to learn the behavior of the power consumer. Markus Michelberger: “This smart energy management solution combines with integrated three-phase power electronics to form a high-performance lithium-ion storage system. On top of that, neeoBASIX also guarantees the safe, secure and long-term provision of energy. It is even able to manage energy volumes from a micro-cogeneration plant (1-5 kW of electricity) with no additional effort.”

Exhibitor Data Sheet