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Final press release Energy Storage Europe 2017


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Eurogia PO day on energy storage, Messe Düsseldorf, March 13 2017


The event organised by the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) and Global Affairs Canada and supported by Zenit, the local partner of the EEN Enterprise Europe Network aims to bring Canadian Energy Industry together with its European counterparts to generate transnational energy storage technology projects.
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Energy Storage Europe: Side events for companies and installers


Düsseldorf, 07 March 2017 – Several side events complement the networking and information offer of the Energy Storage Europe trade fair and conference in Düsseldorf from 14 to 16 March 2017. The focus here is on international cooperations, power-to-gas and information for installers.
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Energy Storage Europe Conference: Focus on the most important questions regarding international storage markets


Düsseldorf, 15 February 2017 – What is status quo of the most important international storage markets? How can storage solutions be financed and how much storage capacity is required in total? These are important issues of this year‘s Energy Storage Europe Conference.
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Energy Storage Europe 2017: Exhibitors have already booked 30 per cent more floor space


Düsseldorf, 18 January 2017 – The exhibitors at the energy storage trade fair Energy Storage Europe 2017 have already booked 30 percent more floor space up to the turn of the year compared to the same period last year.
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Energy Storage Europe 2017: Further growth and high number of trade visitors


Düsseldorf, 14 December 2016 – Energy Storage Europe is continuing its growth trajectory and aims to increase the number of visitors from 50 countries by more than 25 per cent. The trade visitor share is again set to be approximately 99 per cent. In the coming year, the focal point will be on larger storage solutions for energy providers, network operators, industry and business.
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IRES 2017: Reduced Early Bird-Tickets and Program Draft Online


Bonn, 23.11.2016 – The 11th International Renewable Energy Storage Conference (IRES 2017) und the 6th Energy Storage Europe (ESE) trade fair and conference grow further together: In March 2017 participants and visitors get an all-round insight into the development of storage technologies and their political, legal and economical framework conditions.
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Energy Storage Europe 2017: Apricum


Reduced early booker tickets and programme available as of 21 November 2016 Düsseldorf, 16 November 2016 -Technologically open business models can benefit particularly from the growth of international storage markets, and flexibility is becoming a key factor for success.
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Energy Storage Europe 2017 on growth course


The sold-out trade fair Energy Storage Europe this year is expanding its exhibition space on the Düsseldorf trade fair grounds for the next event in 2017.
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Energy Storage Europe trade fair grows by more than 60 per cent


Düsseldorf, 17 March 2016 – The Energy Storage Europe 2016 (ESE) trade fair and conference and the 10th International Renewable Energy Storage Conference (IRES 2016) by EUROSOLAR end today with the adoption of the “Düsseldorf Statement”. The statement focuses on the requirements for national and regional policy to continue the energy revolution and storage expansion required for this.
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