QINOUS plans solar/diesel powered micro-grid in Indonesia

Implementation project contract goes to Canopy Power Pte Ltd and QINOUS


A QINOUS battery energy storage system © QINOUS

Misool Eco Resort, a resort and conservation centre located in remote southern Raja Ampat, Indonesia, has awarded an implementation project contract to Singapore-based renewable energy micro-grid service provider, Canopy Power Pte Ltd, and Berlin-based smart energy storage provider, QINOUS.

The resort's electrical supply will be based on a 125 kW array of solar photovoltaic (PV) panels and diesel generators. A Lithium-ion energy storage system is used to store excess solar power for night-time use or in periods of low sunshine.

This implementation will reduce annual diesel consumption by 55 percent by hybridizing the existing diesel micro-grid with solar photovoltaics (PV) and Li-ion batteries.

Once commissioned in Q2, 2017 this will be one of the largest hybrid micro-grids in Raja Ampat area.

The micro-grid is designed by Canopy Power Pte Ltd. The company will be responsible for constructing and commissioning the system. Canopy Power will also provide a remote monitoring support to Misool Eco Resort.

Battery storage including the site controller and micro-grid energy management system with embedded remote monitoring system for this off-grid energy system will come from QINOUS.