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RRC REStore storms the market

In industrial application of energy storage systems major drivers are not pure power, availability and durability. Instead, it is more about a deep understanding of customers profit opportunities and the translation into a tailored concept to gain an early return on invest. RRC’s energy storage series REstore covers all these requirements in a single concept.

The modular and fully scalable design enables both the independent dimensioning of inverter and battery from 30kW/46kWh up to 1MW/1MWh.

RRC REstore storage system works either grid-connected or off-grid. The multi-level battery management system guarantees a safe and durable operation of the battery system.

The RRC developed operating system REN-OS enables a wide range of applications, e. g. due to easy and flexible connection of various energy sources. The smart control center is supervising the battery management and acts as communicator between the energy storage system and the outside world. Focus is managing and controlling challenging applications and operating modes, in particular the “multi-use” operation of the system to optimize profit.

A broad range of interfaces and remote communication options e. g. the browser oriented parameterization / monitoring and diagnostic functions via tablet computer or smart phone round off the profile of REstore as an universally applicable energy storage system.

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