Tesvolt announces next-generation energy storage system

Setting new standards for safety, boasting a 30 year lifespan

© Tesvolt GmbH

The new battery storage system is available in all sizes from 4.8 kWh up to power stations with multiple MWh © Tesvolt GmbH

Commercial energy storage system manufacturer Tesvolt (Wittenberg, Germany) collaborated with Samsung SDI (Seoul, South Korea) to develop a high-voltage storage system which, according to the company, is setting new standards for safety and also boasts a 30 year lifespan.

The battery contains Samsung SDI’s new prismatic lithium cells, which BMW recently introduced into their electric cars, thereby almost doubling their range.

Each cell is monitored individually to ensure the maximum level of safety. A new cell balancing concept, which for the first time optimises the charging currents not only between the cells within each battery module, but also between the battery modules, contributes to the long service life.

Tesvolt presented the new storage system at this year's Energy Storage Europe trade fair in Düsseldorf.

New cell technology in the automotive industry

“The new lithium cells from Samsung SDI are currently opening new doors in the electric automobile industry. Alongside BMW, other automotive manufacturers want to focus on these prismatic, lithium cells based on nickel manganese cobalt oxide, as their enormously high energy density can double the range of electric cars”, explains Simon Schandert, Director of Engineering at Tesvolt.

“We are combining the new cells with the Active BAT Optimizer – our special battery management system – to ensure active cell balancing between all cells, even between the different battery modules. This allows us to achieve an extremely high battery system efficiency of 98%, and a lifespan of around 30 years”, adds Schandert.

Next-generation high-voltage batteries

According to the producer, the new Tesvolt storage system can complete around 6,000 full charge cycles with a depth of discharge (DoD) of 100%, which means that the entire battery capacity can be used. The storage system functions just as well with a low voltage of 48 volts as with a high voltage of 1,000 volts for stationary commercial and industrial applications.

Storage capacity from 4.8 kWh to storage power stations with multiple MWh

The new battery storage system is available in all sizes from 4.8 kWh up to power stations with multiple MWh, and clients can assemble their preferred capacity themselves on the basis of 4.8 kWh modules.

The new 48 volt Tesvolt storage system for SMA Solar Technology’s Sunny Island system is now available for delivery. The high-voltage storage system will come onto the market in June. Samsung SDI and Tesvolt offer a 10-year performance warranty for the number of cycles and efficiency of the new batteries.