Visblue APS

The Milestones of 2017

Another twelve months have passed, and we have been working tirelessly, which has resulted in VisBlue gaining a lot of new initiatives and experiences. We’ve had a great start to 2018 with our first complete sale with delivery by June 2018, which we are very proud of and thrilled about. Moreover, we have received recognition from the University of Porto and been awarded with the U. Porto Spin-off Brand.

This month, we have coupled the controller for the Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries (VRFB) with a new controlling platform and PLC, which features a more robust housing and supports the requirements for improvements of the VRFB and the inverters that we need to interact with. This helps us to optimize the use of the stored energy in the VRFB and enables us to meet the requirements for various customer installations.

Last year, among other fairs in Denmark and Portugal, we participated in the Building Green Fair in Aarhus in March and in Copenhagen in November, where we had the opportunity to meet and tell our story to customers and colleagues in the industry. The fairs proved to be fruitful and people were intrigued to hear more about what we can offer. These experiences have been very educating for us.

Last fall, we initiated a collaboration with DanSolar, to enable users of a Photo-Voltaic system to optimize their energy production/consumption.
Moreover, we have taken part in an innovative collaboration with Eniig and Aarhus University, where we tested the flexibility of various VRFB in the low voltage grid. With knowledge from these tests, we can enhance the usability of implementing VRFBs in the low voltage grid.
Furthermore, we humbly and proudly joined the ORBATS project (Organic Redox Flow Battery Systems). In collaboration with DTU Energy, Aarhus University, Harvard University, Vestas and Lithium Balance we hope to find improvements for our product as well as more eco-friendly and water-soluble alternatives for our battery solution.

2017 further proved to be the year, where VisBlue qualified for EU funding. We are honored to be acknowledged by the EU and excited about the possibilities this will ensue. Additionally, we expanded our investor-portfolio, which also allows us to strengthen our investments in enhancing our solutions.

2017 was an exciting year, and 2018 has just started. We are looking forward to seeing what the year has in store for us.

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