WEMAG AG and Indrivetec AG have signed a cooperation agreement for energy storage projects enclosed in concrete stations

Since years WEMAG AG is consequent focused on eco-tech energies. In 2014, WEMAG has built at that time largest commercial battery storage system of Europe in Schwerin. In June 2017, this energy storage facility has expanded to 10 megawatts (MW) and 15 megawatt hours (MWh) of capacity.

Indrivetec specialises in development and manufacture of high-performance storage inverters. The eighteen Indrivetec inverter in the WEMAG energy storage facility are the essential power electronics link between energy storage system and grid.

The successful experience and trusting cooperation in this energy storage project encourage both companies facing together the new challenges of public grid and island systems.

The development of the new energy storage system enclosed in a concrete station with integrated grid service functionalities assures the best level of performance of energy storage systems. In comparison to often used container energy storage solutions, the concrete station provides a long live time and smart integration in the public grid and in industrial environments.

The concrete station WBS500 is convincing with a high degree of standardisation and system efficiencies. The station offers 500 kW prequalified primary control reserve up to 1 MWh of capacity and an ups safe connection up to 160 kVA. The station is available in Q3/2017.

In the context of cooperation, the unique certified WBS500 with ups-functionalities will be presented on the energy storage 2018 in Düsseldorf from 13 – 15 March, on the joint booth 8b/C01.

Schwerin / Zurich December 2017

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