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Li-Ion Batteries

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Battery Production Technologies

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Product category: Mobile Storage Systems

"PowerBooster" outdoor battery system

For a forward-looking infrastructure for electromobility, the dynamic provision of power for rapid-charging stations is essential. Sufficient power capacities for rapid-charging stations are not always available, however. The PowerBooster compact outdoor battery system from ADS-TEC as power amplifier in the distribution network offers one solution. With its extremely compact design, this system delivers high power capacities at the connected rapid-charging stations while energy is recharged at the available network connection point at low power. This not only saves valuable time, but also eliminates the need for elaborate medium-voltage systems, building cost subsidies or expensive network expansion.

In addition to uses in electromobility, the PowerBooster can also be set up as a station for grid services (grid service station) nearly everywhere and directly outdoors as well as connected to the 400 volt distribution network. Additional functions such as voltage stability, delay for optimum bandwidth utilisation of the network, frequency regulation, reactive power supply or peak capping are possible. It is for exactly these distribution networks which get temporarily overloaded due to renewable supply that power solutions are highly in demand in order to better utilise existing networks. As a complete solution, inverter, temperature control, control electronics, and safety and energy management are integrated. Via the ADS-TEC Cloud Big-LinX®, distributed storage systems can be monitored, safely coupled and integrated into superordinate management systems and virtual power plants of the customers and partners.

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Product category: Storage for Single Family Homes and Multifamily Homes

Flexibly use home storage with the ADS-TEC StoraXe product portfolio "Home & Small Business“

The StoraXe® "Home & Small Business" product portfolio for private houses, multi-family dwellings as well as workshops, businesses and public facilities will be presented at the trade fair with the currently smallest 6 kWh storage system and the somewhat larger 9 kWh as well as 19 and 28 kWh systems.

Through the particularly high energy density with exceptionally high cycle number and the constantly high performance, use concepts that are more far-reaching than the simple optimisation of personal consumption are possible, e.g., the rapid charging of e-vehicles, global networking in swarm solutions and even the central connection to far-reaching cloud services via the Big-LinX® connectivity platform from ADS-TEC.

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Product category: Storage for Integration into Distribution Networks

Storage solutions for industry and infrastructure

Focus is also on the StoraXe® "Industrial & Infrastructure" industrial storage solutions, which are used above all for peak-load capping, load management, emergency power applications and in combination with larger PV systems. The systems cover ranges between 100 kWh and multiple MWh. For large-format applications, ADS-TEC supplies customer-specific solutions, e.g., in 20- or 40-foot containers, which are used for balancing energy and hybrid power plants, among other things. The modular design and the comprehensive IT management system facilitate nearly limitless scaling possibilities. High-quality battery cells from the industrial sector, now complemented by cell technology from Samsung, allow for even higher powers and lower capacity losses throughout the operational life.


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Product category: Off-Grid Systems

Off-grid solutions

With the professional battery systems from ADS-TEC, off-grid solutions can be very effectively and reliably implemented. An optimally matched system with stable control and its own energy management system results, for example, in fossil fuel savings of up to 50% with hybrid systems with PV, wind and diesel. ADS-TEC delivers the storage solution according to customer requirements, e.g., in turnkey containers, and integrates the system in the off-grid system.

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Product category: Storage for Single Family Homes and Multifamily Homes, Storage for Integration into Distribution Networks, Off-Grid Systems, Mobile Storage Systems

Conveniently manage energy with the ADS-TEC Energy Management System

All StoraXe® battery storage systems from ADS-TEC can be controlled with an Energy Manage-ment System (EMS) developed for this purpose. With the help of pre-installed apps, users moni-tor and control, e.g., charging and discharging processes. Moreover, complex distributed systems can be integrated and managed online via the Big-LinX® cloud platform. The software provides support even during the planning phase with simulation tools, performs monitoring during operation, creates reports and evaluations and offers numerous possibilities for future business models and integrations.

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Company news




Mar 6, 2017

ADS-TEC GmbH at Energy Storage Europe: Intelligent energy solutions for home use as well as for industry and infrastructure on the basis of high-performance battery storage systems

At Energy Storage Europe from 14 - 16 March 2017 in Düsseldorf, the Nürtingen-based company ADS-TEC is actively involved as a platinum sponsor and will be presenting its extensive line of StoraXe® battery storage systems for home use as well as for industry and infrastructure and even stationary storage systems for rapid-charging technology in electromobility in Hall 8b at Stand 8bD17.

ADS-TEC has long been focussed on the topic of grid stability through storage and the immense energy requirements of electromobility. At this year's Energy Storage, the company is presenting intelligent concepts for infrastructure and charging technology for e-vehicles to optimally couple production and consumption and to effectively use the existing distribution network.

Everything from a single source: Energy storage solutions from ADS-TEC are "100% Made in Germany" and offer decisive added value with a comprehensive concept, such as the connection to the Internet of Energy by means of the specially developed Big-LinX® cloud platform. Performance and quality are exceptional. The prize-winning StoraXe® technology impresses through constant delivery of a continuously high power in an extremely compact design.

During the conference, Thomas Speidel, general manager of ADS-TEC and president of the German Energy Storage Association (BVES), will lead session 9, "Energy Storage Business Cases – Can Energy Storage Create Revenues?" on 16 March.

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With li-ion storage solutions and energy management systems, ads-tec offers professional solutions for home use as well as for industry and infrastructure. Technology 100% made in Germany.

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