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Advanced Lead-Acid Batteries

  • 02  Electrochemical Energy Storage
  • 02.01  Batteries
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Other Battery Technologies (e.g. Nickel-Zinc, Sodium-Ion)

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  • 02.02.03  Other Technologies of High Temperature Batteries

Other Technologies of High Temperature Batteries

Our products

Product category: Advanced Lead-Acid Batteries

The new NSB HT Red Battery

As part of the NorthStar philosophy to continuously provide customers with better value and performance, the company has spent the past 2 years pursuing two clearly-defined paths to deliver an enhanced battery portfolio for reliable and unreliable grids.

The first path has focused on cost optimizations without sacrificing performance, while the second has focused on improving the battery’s life expectancy at higher ambient temperatures, while increasing cyclic capabilities.

The NSB Red Battery® is an ideal choice if high temperature is not an issue, but you want long life in the 20⁰ to 35⁰C (68⁰ to 95⁰F) range, regardless of the electric grid quality. It uses NorthStar’s pure lead – long life (TPPL) technology to deliver recharge times of 6 hours from 50% state of charge (SoC) to full charge.

The NSB HT Red Battery® uses NorthStar’s pure lead – high temperature (TPPL-HT) technology to deliver long life of up to 7 years and superior performance at an operating temperature of 40⁰C (104⁰F), regardless of the quality of the electric grid. This is the battery you want for high temperature applications.

For most customers the NSB Red Battery® will still be the preferred choice, providing the optimal balance between performance and price, while the NSB HT Red Battery® will be the battery of choice for more thermally demanding applications.

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