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Hans Schmitt

Senior Sales Manager
Grid & Storage

Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Becker

Produkt Management & Business Development Head of Grid & Storage

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Chemical Energy Storage / Power-to-Gas
  • 03.01  Hydrogen Storage
  • 03.01.01  Hydrogen Production, Electrolyser

Hydrogen Production, Electrolyser

  • 06  Storage Systems
  • 06.01  Stationary Grid-Connected Systems
  • 06.01.02  Storage for Integration into Distribution Networks
  • 06  Storage Systems
  • 06.02  Off-Grid Systems

Our products

Product category: Hydrogen Production, Electrolyser

DC Power Supply for Electroysis Process

AEG Power Solutions has been delivering it´s power supplies in a number of green hydrogen projects.
The core product is the DC-3 rectifier platform for projects from 100kW up to XX MW scale.
The key features of the solution:
- highest efficiency
- excellent power factor and THDi from 10 - 100% load
- compact version and modular version available
- indoor or container solutions available

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Product category: Storage for Integration into Distribution Networks

Convert SC.Flex - Bi-directional Storage Converter for On-grid und Off-grid Application

Convert SC.Flex is developped based on our Protect SC.600 converter.

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Product category: Off-Grid Systems

Two Plattforms for off-grid / Micro Grid Systems

Based on the long experience with high reliable UPS systems AEG PS has collected a lot of experience with off-grid / Micro Grid applications.

Today we offer two topologies_
1. AC linked systems:
All devices of the Micro-Grid are linked by the common AC-link. Supply units and Loads are connected together. Voltage and frequency are kept stable by droop control and micro grid controller. The core product of AEG PS is its Convert SC.Flex
2. DC linked systems:
Based on a industrial UPS the DC circuit of the UPS is used to link batteries and PV plants. The AC input of the UPS can handle grid and gensets.

Which topology makes more sense? it depends on the project size and the technical layout of the micro grid.

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Company news




Dec 17, 2017

AEG Power Solutions announces Protect Flex, a new modular industrial-grade UPS

- High reliability modular UPS configurable as 3/3, 3/1 or 1/1 phases
- Robust power protection and high operating AC/AC efficiency

Zwanenburg, Netherlands December 7, 2017–, AEG Power Solutions, a global provider of power supply systems and solutions for industrial and critical infrastructure applications, today announced Protect Flex, its industrial grade fully modular UPS. The system has a robust design suitable for demanding environments and is the only one in its category to be configurable to all electrical system schemes with the benefits of power modularity. Protect Flex features a wide range of configurable options and a high level of scalability and flexibility

The Protect Flex is designed to meet an increasing demand from industries to secure power supply with an equipment which has a compact footprint yet still offering a high level of reliability and resist to unprotected environment (humidity, corrosion, dust…).
AEG Power Solutions answers with a new concept of UPS systems that combines a modular architecture based on 10 and 15 kVA/kW, hot swappable power modules, transformer-less and IGBT based, with a customizable set of options and provides N+1 inbuilt power redundancy to maximize reliability Protect Flex is a simplified, flexible and highly cost-effective UPS which can cope effectively with harsh environmental conditions, with an IP43 rating protection. The system is designed to maximize savings in terms of footprint and power installed (kVA). Its electrical and mechanical design, cabling and protection devices, are engineered to maximize security and simplify maintenance operations. High quality UPS, benefiting of the long engineering experience of AEG PS for rugged systems, Protect Flex achieves high reliability with optimum availability. Up time availability is maximised by a high-quality equipment and design with the Mean Time To repair (MTTR) minimized, thanks to its modular and hot-swappable architecture.

The scalable architecture of the UPS reduces CAPEX and optimizes OPEX costs. The power modules are based on the latest IGBT double conversion technology, with a low input THDi and input power factor close to one, even when a low percentage of load is applied.

“Operations continuity is not an option in many industries or service businesses today, comments
Alessandro Nalbone, product manager AEG Power Solutions. Whenever highly reliable power is
needed, Protect Flex provides a compact, flexible and robust solution, minimizing costs and maximizing
availability. It’s the ideal combination for many applications such as operations in chemical and
petrochemical industry, mining, or any other demanding environment, but also for transport critical
applications like control and signaling”. Protect Flex is also answering healthcare environments
requirements (group 0-1 according to IEC 60364-7-710).

Protect Flex is now available and can be ordered.

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About AEG Power Solutions
AEG Power Solutions (AEG PS) Group is a global provider of power electronics systems and solutions for all industrial and demanding commercial power requirements offering one of the most comprehensive product and service portfolios in uninterruptible power supply and power management.

Thanks to its distinctive expertise bridging both AC and DC power technologies and spanning the worlds of both conventional and renewable energy, the company creates innovative solutions for next generation distributed power generation.

AEG Power Solutions Group is the sole subsidiary of the holding company 3W Power S.A. (WKN A114Z9) / ISINLU1072910919), based in Luxembourg. The Group is headquartered in Zwanenburg in the Netherlands. The shares of 3W Power are admitted to trading on Frankfurt Stock Exchange (ticker symbol: 3W9K).

For more information, visit

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About us

Company details

AEG Power Solutions is a global provider of power supply systems and solutions for industrial and critical infrastructure applications. The company has many decades of experience in the world of UPS and power electronics, batteries and international grid connection compliance. AEG Power Solutions offers a distinctive expertise that bridges both AC and DC power technology and spans both conventional and renewable energy platforms. Based on this expertise, AEG Power Solutions develops and offers a complete product portfolio for renewable power conversion as well as monitoring and operation of smart grids based on battery energy storage systems or fuel cells. Scope of supply can vary from power conversion systems only to full turnkey energy storage solutions for all kind of applications (peak shaving, grid stabilization ….). In depth-knowledge of customer’s requirements allows the company to propose the highly reliable solution that will fit specific needs at a very competitive cost, using state of the art technology. AEG PS developed a unique concept of hybrid energy storage solution combining batteries and power-to-heat which will be operational for the first time in 2018.

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