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Energy Storage in Mobile Applications

The relevance of electrochemical energy storages in mobile applications has increased significantly in the last years. Batteries are essential components in smartphones, power-tools and household applications and in most cases a significant cost factor. They have recently become of great interest in traction applications like in electric vehicles (EVs), trains for catenary free tracks or in maritime applications. The optimal battery storage systems in mobile applications can differ significantly in their dimension, usage profile, thermal stress and safety requirements. Accordingly, finding, developing and testing the most suitable solution for each individual application is an essential part of our research and pursued in a dedicated department.

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Product category: Consulting

Storage in Stationary Applications

Energy supply systems are currently undergoing enormous changes worldwide. In recent years, renewable energies have gained in importance. At the same time, electricity generation costs from renewable sources have fallen, so that they are now comparable to those from conventional generation. Concurrently, the transport and heating sectors are becoming increasingly integrated with electricity supply as a result of increasing electrification.

These developments require an increased demand for storage and flexibility options in order to enable a temporal shift of energy and thus secure network operation.

The sharp drop in battery prices in recent years has made it possible to use battery storage as an active element in the energy supply system. On the one hand, this is done by means of battery storage devices of various sizes, which are built for use in the network. On the other hand, this is done, for example, by the secondary use of electric vehicle batteries.

Accordingly, the chair has its own department, which is concerned with the development of operating strategies for PV home storage and grid-connected large storage facilities as well as with energy management systems for large storage facilities and electric vehicle fleets.

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Product category: Consulting

Lifetime Prediction for Battery Storage Systems

The increased use of electrochemical energy storages, coming along with the decarbonization of our energy system and the electrification of transportation, needs to be properly addressed by increasing our knowledge of said technologies and by improving our predictions about their behavior. Ongoing degradation might cause insufficient power delivery and safety issues. Furthermore, the life cycle costs need to be addressed since the energy storage often makes up more than 25 % of the overall system costs. We at ISEA carry out various tests researching the degradation behavior of different energy storage technologies depending on the operation conditions. The results are then used to parameterize models which enable us to predict and thus optimize the system layout. The research is coodinated by a dedicated chair.

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About us

Company details

The Institute for Power Electronics and Electrical Drives (ISEA) is working for more than 40 years on the following research areas: Power Electronics , Electronic Devices , Electrical Drives and Electrochemical Energy Storage Systems . Since 1996 the institute is headed by Prof. Dr. ir. Dr. h. c. Rik W. De Doncker , who has additionally been appointed director of the E.ON Energy Research Center in 2006.

Besides public founded research projects, one focus of ISEA are research and development activities in close co-operation with national and international companies within the already mentioned application areas. In addition ISEA offers engineering services (e.g. measurement/characterization, engineering opinion and consulting) for companies in nearly all fields of activity.

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