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Storage and Grid Technology

Essential drivers for the use of storage and grid technologies such as smart metering and storage systems are:

An increasingly volatile electricity feed-in by way of inverters,
The shift of generation to the distribution network level and
The growing distance between generation and load.
These drivers are especially applicable to the development of energy supply in Germany.

At the present time, the possibilities of using modern information and communication technology for an intelligent control of the electricity grid are being tested in Germany in a wide variety of research and model projects. German companies are continuing to promote innovations in storage and grid technology and to develop cost-efficient solutions for a supply of energy from renewable sources.

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Energy Efficiency in Buildings

The special provisions in German legislation encourage full utilisation of the scope and potential of these technologies and promote diversity in the approaches used. As a result, German engineers are driving the energy-efficient merging of insulation and heating technology and the development of the necessary control systems. German companies are global leaders in energy-efficient boiler technology, renewable energies and control systems, offering the greatest number of solutions and the most advanced.

Examples include:
Buildings with optimised insulation, such as passive houses, are virtually air-tight. In these buildings, ventilation systems provide the hygienically required air renewal and maintain a constantly optimised quality of air, while minimizing the supplementary heat requirement. A central ventilation system is an ideal solution for utilising the heat in the extracted air to pre-warm the incoming fresh air. Air-to-air heat pumps can reduce the ventilation heat requirement by up to 95%, for example.

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Solar energy for electricity generation

Thanks to the global availability of solar energy, Photovoltaics (PV) offers an attractive solution for generating both grid-connected and off-grid electricity. Also, solar radiation can be concentrated and high-temperature heat stored through solar thermal power plants, allowing electricity to be generated on demand.

German companies are world leaders in the research and development of new PV technologies. A prerequisite for positive future market development is further reductions in costs, for example, by maximising the degree of efficiency and reducing the amount of material used, as well as increasingly utilising the technologies in other areas of application. The industry also offers sophisticated solutions in the areas of systemic integration of photovoltaics in electricity grids from a wide variety of energy sources. Amongst others, PV modules and highly efficient inverters are the best advertisements of the German PV industry.

Also, Germany is one of the global leaders in research into and development of solar thermal power plants. Today, German manufacturers supply the core components for solar fields (for example, precision mirrors and solar receivers) and power-station units as well as the necessary measurement and control technology, and thus have a large share of the global market. Besides this, German companies have an internationally acknowledged reputation as technology consultants, certification bodies and experts.

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About us

Company details

The promotion of smart and sustainable energy solutions in Germany for many years has resulted in the establishment of an industry which offers some of the world’s leading technologies.

This industry encompasses several thousand small and medium-sized enterprises specialised in the development, design and production of renewable energy systems, energy efficiency solutions, smart grids and storage technologies. Also new energy technologies like Power-to-Gas and fuel cells are the basis for cutting-edge energy solutions.

Benefits of using smart and sustainable energy solutions
Contribution to innovation, growth and employment
Independence from fossil fuel imports
Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and contribution to climate change mitigation
The transfer of energy expertise, the promotion of foreign trade and the facilitation of international development cooperation are part of the German Energy Solutions Initiative.

We offer:
networking and business opportunities both in your country and in Germany
showcasing of reference projects
capacity building

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