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  • 06.01.02  Storage for Integration into Distribution Networks

Storage for Integration into Distribution Networks

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Technical Services

Our products

Product category: Project Developer


Choosing BELECTRIC means choosing technology with decades of proven reliability. Yet it still makes sense to continuously monitor your PV power plant - not only to prevent costly yield losses but also to operate your facility reliably over its entire life cycle. 

BELECTRIC offers service agreements from full service contracts to individual services, such as maintenance engineering and preventive check-ups. Together with our customers we compile comprehensive operations and maintenance plans, ensuring solar PV power plants operates at highest possible level of performance.


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Product category: Off-Grid Systems


BELECTRIC designs, projects and constructs photovoltaic systems on roof areas on private buildings and buildings used for commercial purposes. In their project planning, our developers always use the current state of the PV technology.

Whether flat or pitched, with tiles or a corrugated sheet roof - our engineers find the perfect solution for your building.

The BELECTRIC all-in-one package:
  • 100% In-house: reliable execution by in-house assembly teams
  • Modern systems engineering ensures high energy outputs
  • Roof renovations and building up large roofs
  • Individual financing concepts
  • Long-term investment security
  • Cleaning of existing roof-mounted PV systems
  • Comprehensive service and maintenance package

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Product category: Storage for Integration into Distribution Networks

BELECTRIC Energy Buffer Unit

Energy storage will make an important contribution to the stability of future power grids which have a significant share of renewable energy. It will become more important as the renewable energy share will get larger in the future energy mix. The main areas of application of a storage unit are: Permanent frequency regulation, peak-shaving at high load or high feed-in periods, allocation of regulation energy for national grid operators as well as continual energy provision for off-grid applications. BELECTRIC offers building-integrated and unit-based battery solutions called "Energy Buffer Unit (EBU). The EBU is optimized for these applications and is designed for maximal scalability and flexibility. It can be adapted for today’s and tomorrow’s needs at local or national power grids, guaranteeing a stable grid, and even allowing more renewable energy in the near future. The EBU is optimized for maximal scalability and flexibility and for lowest storage costs possible.

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Product category: Storage for Integration into Distribution Networks, Off-Grid Systems

BELECTRIC 3.0 MegaWattBlock® Hybrid

The best of two worlds.

BELECTRIC‘s 3.0 MegaWattBlock Hybrid sets new standards in hybrid energy production. Our patented hybrid power technology makes it possible to combine the benefits of fuel-based energy sources with climate-friendly solar power. In the same way as the proven MegaWattBlock the MegaWattBlock Hybrid represents the best-in-class standardization, optimization and grid integration. Furthermore it perfectly matches our customer’s demands and the world’s energy needs of a smart energy production around the clock in one power unit.

  • One AC power block combining photovoltaics, energy storage and fuel-based power generation
  • Innovative battery system adjusts load variations and enables ancillary grid services
  • Independent energy production 24/7 with maximized use of fuelless solar power
  • Full Hybrid technology for best integration in on- or off-grid environments
  • Scalable power generation units with 2.000kVA
  • Optimized space efficiency with Triple Support Design

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Product category: Project Developer, Technical Services

BELECTRIC Realtime Monitoring

Your solar plant - any time under control

The use of effective monitoring systems secures the service life of the solar power plants, helps to identify any malfunctions at an early stage thus reducing downtimes resulting from repair works.

BELECTRIC solar power plants have extensive and reliable remote monitoring functions as well as the tested and proven real time management system. This allows you both to check the performance data of your solar power plant via internet connection any time and to act in good time.

BELECTRIC monitoring systems:

  • Remote PV system monitoring and remote diagnosis in case of breakdowns
  • High operational safety of the solar power plant through extensive control and monitoring functions
  • Detailed data on all system levels
  • Long-term monitoring of the operating data
  • Platform-independent system with access to internet browser

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About us

Company details

BELECTRIC is one of the most successful enterprises in the realization of utility scale solar power plants and energy storage systems. BELECTRIC was founded in 2001 and has been expanded by six shareholders to an international group since then. BELECTRIC has constructed over 285 solar PV power plants with over 1.6GWp PV capacity so far.

The reconciliation of economic efficiency and ecology forms the basis for the company’s sustainable success. From product development and construction up to operation and maintenance services for solar power plants, 500 employees are working for the company. Engineers and project developers from BELECTRIC conduct interdisciplinary research in all areas of solar PV technology and battery storage systems and develop technologies which form the foundation for an environment-friendly energy supply of the future.

As one of the largest O&M provider globally, BELECTRIC’s full-integrated services support continuous operation. State-of-the-art solar power plant technology and energy storage technology support the grid infrastructure and therefore contribute to cost reductions in the energy sector. With numerous patents and innovations, BELECTRIC has proven its technological leadership in the industry. 

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