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Jan 11, 2018

Scalable hybrid energy storage system combines the advantages of lead and lithium

Large-scale energy storage systems are becoming increasingly important for securing our grid supply. High-capacity storage systems are also required for applications such as utilising renewable energy locally and charging electric vehicles. HOPPECKE's new sun | systemizer is a particularly innovative and high-performance grid-scale storage system. Its hybrid design allows lead-acid and lithium batteries to be used together in any combination.

These two technologies possess different strengths and weaknesses and their relative strengths are exploited in the hybrid storage system. Lead-acid batteries are a mature and proven technology and therefore also less expensive. Lithium batteries cost more, but in return they are smaller, lighter and also more powerful. In 2017 HOPPECKE built the first grid-scale hybrid energy storage system at the factory site in Brilon-Hoppecke. It now stabilises the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E). Since this system is based on solutions tailored exactly to individual requirements, it offers customers the perfect price-performance ratio and consequently demand is already high. These storage systems are also installed in other locations in Germany to secure the grid supply. Furthermore, the sun | systemizer is used for large photovoltaic systems in Asia. The hybrid system is available for an energy content from just 100 kWh. These smaller solutions are of interest to smaller and medium-sized industrial enterprises. The storage system allows them to smooth out the peak demand curves associated with extremely high energy consumption. This means that heavy investments in infrastructure are superfluous.

Our power supply: Why it must be secured

The utility frequency of the current in our power grid should always be 50 Hz. The frequency is directly dependent on how much energy is in the grid at any particular time. This means that the frequency will drop if a lot of power is being consumed without the corresponding amount being fed into the grid. Conversely it will rise if more power is being fed in than is being consumed.Major variations could damage electrical equipment or – at worst –result in a complete power failure or blackout. In practice, however, there are regular frequency and voltage fluctuations in the grid, which are also balanced out with large energy storage systems. If the mains frequency deviates more than 0.2 Hz from target (less than 49.8 or more than 50.2 Hz), additional energy is quickly injected into the grid (to increase the frequency) or removed (to decrease the frequency).At present we obtain about a third of our electricity from renewable resources such as sunlight and wind. The ratio is inreasing steadily and already by 2030 renewable energy should account for half our total power generation. The injection of renewable energy into the grid is a volatile process and is literally dependent on wind and weather. Consequently the frequency is also subject to increasing fluctuations, which makes large-scale storage systems, such as the HOPPECKE sun | systemizer, increasingly important.

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HOPPECKE is the leading supplier for industrial Energy Storage Solutions

Electric energy is required everywhere and in ever more applications. In this world, where everything becomes electrical, HOPPECKE is your partner and expert. HOPPECKE aims to understand the customers better than anyone else and offers perfect fit energy solutions. Designed for safety and availability, HOPPECKE serves four principal areas of application: emission-free drives (trak), secured power supply (grid), storage of regenerative energies (sun) and railway and metro-systems (rail). HOPPECKE has all reliable and innovative storage technologies in its product portfolio.

With the development of marketable, forward-looking energy storage solutions, HOPPECKE makes an important contribution to solve the societal challenges that result from the implementation of the global climate protection goals. From the comprehensive product programme of batteries and cells to complete energy systems with the most modern charging technology, monitoring units and engineering to consumption dependent energy billing – the HOPPECKE portfolio always contains the suitable product tailored to the individual customer requirements.

Since its foundation in 1927, HOPPECKE has been in the possession of the Zoellner family. Today, Dr. Marc Zoellner leads the industrial firm as a family enterprise in the fourth generation. With its headquarters in Brilon-Hoppecke and 21 international subsidiaries, representative offices, partners and distributors as well as production and assembly facilities worldwide, the HOPPECKE Group has more than 1,950 employees and generates turnover of over €410 million.

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